*Big Brother is watching you; so’d better not mention the name “Brandt Hershman” on your blog ;)

Two days ago I’ve posted about an article I’ve found on CNet… conring a senator in Indiana and the fact that someone had created a website to inform about the fact that Hershman  had allegedly received donations from AT&T . (by the way, he has received the same amount again by AT&T in 2008) Ok, so much for the facts. To be honest US-politics is not my cup of tea at all (I am not so much into tragedy ;), I was merely reporting about this issue in connection to a legal question.

However, when checking my blog’s user statistics  the same day I found that someone from the Indiana Legislative Service Agency has accesses my blog just a couple of hours later. Someone a bit nervous?

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1 Response to “*Big Brother is watching you; so’d better not mention the name “Brandt Hershman” on your blog ;)”

  1. 1 Joris 25/06/2009 at 17:51

    Thanks for your kind words in the comments section of my blog. Happy to hear if someone likes what I write about. I’ve just put your blog in my reader. It looks we are very much interested in the same thing. I am also awaiting the ECJ’s AG opinion… Your topic is really hot. Great that you are making some of your thoughts public!

    Something similar as you describe with this US politician happens to me once in a while if I write about a specific company, or if I have a meeting with someone the next day and know the company someone in working for. I decided I should not use that information because of my privacy statement. I have considered changing that statement but decided that the right to read my blog anonymously is worth the loss of a fun little fact to talk about.

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