*The Name Behind The ECJ’s Keyword Advertising Decision: Ilešič

Let’s take a look at some facts:

Google France: V. Skouris, A. Tizzano, J.N. Cunha Rodrigues, K. Lenaerts and E. Levits, C.W.A. Timmermans, A. Rosas, A. Borg Barthet, M. Ilešič (Rapporteur), J. Malenovský, U. Lõhmus, A. Ó Caoimh, J.-J. Kasel; M. Poiares Maduro (Advocate General).

Die Bergspechte: A. Tizzano, E. Levits, A. Borg Barthet, M. Ilešič (Rapporteur), J.‑J. Kasel; M. Poiares Maduro (Advocate General)

Eis.de: E. Levits, A. Borg Barthet, M. Ilešič (Rapporteur); N. Jääskinen (Advocate General).

Portakabin: A. Tizzano, E. Levits, A. Borg Barthet, M. Ilešič (Rapporteur), J.-J. Kasel; N. Jääskinen (Advocate General)

Two things become obvious: Levits, Barthet and Ilešič have been involved in all the Keyword Advertising cases at the ECJ, Ilešič in all cases as rapporteur. For more information on Ilešič please take a look at the ECJ’s website.

I have to admit it wasn’t my idea to search for the names in the text of the decisions but an idea I got from Knaak/Venhoeren (GRUR Int 2010, 385 (396)who also mention that there used to be a rivalry between the concepts of trademark protection by Timmermans and Ilešič and obviously the second succeeded. The authors in their article stated that the recent changes in trademark law (the extra requirement for cases of double-identity,  Art 5 (1) lit b) and the whole 4-requirements test for proprietor’s right to prohibit third party use of his trademark effectively stems from Ilešič.

(If you have no clue what I am talking about here you might want to check out one of my presentations on this topic; slides 20 to 35 or so…)

Does any of my readers know a little bit more about this issue or e.g. which decisions followed the concept of Timmermans?

So now at least we would know whom to ask for … if we only had the chance to do so 😉


UPDATE: L’Oréal v Bellure: P. Jann, M. Ilešič (Rapporteur), A. Tizzano, A. Borg Barthet, E. Levits. (Thank you Klara!)

UPDATE2: INTERFLORA: A. Tizzano, J.-J. Kasel, M. Ilešič (Rapporteur), E. Levits and M. Safjan, N. Jääskinen (Advocate General)

2 Responses to “*The Name Behind The ECJ’s Keyword Advertising Decision: Ilešič”

  1. 1 Klara 09/07/2010 at 10:11

    You can add L’Oreal v Bellure to the list.

  1. 1 *ECJ Decision in C-323/09 INTERFLORA – ‘Same, Same But A Different Trademark Function’ « Austrotrabant's Blog Trackback on 24/09/2011 at 00:17

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