*Google Changes Background Colour Of Top-Ads After 7 Month Back To Yellow

As reported by Searchengineland Google has changed the background colour of their Top-Ads from light purple back to the yellow layout it had used before. After being initially light blue (… – early April 2007), then yellowish (mid April 2007 – July 2010) and even purple for some time (July 2010 – Feb 2011), Google has changed the colour of its Top-Ads recently back to yellow.

Or to summarize it all in one picture:

Back in July 2010 Google commented on the change to purple by stating that:

“his change is part of the ‘look and feel’ update to our color palette and logo that we made back in May of this year to keep the Google results page looking fresh and modern. This is purely an aesthetic change to our ads and won’t have any impact on the way we target or serve advertisements on Google.com.”

After being contacted by SearchEngineLand Google –in a not very creative way one might tend to say– replied that:

“this is purely an aesthetic change and won’t have any impact on the way we serve advertisements.”

When speaking with Jens Redmer at the search engine conference in Goettingen Redmer mentioned  that Google continuously performs extensive testing to see which background colour performs best. And obviously the yellowish colour does better than the 2010 ‘look and feel update‘. I am however -of course- open for all kind of speculations. ..

From a legal point of view it can only be repeated what has already been written in the post about the change from yellow to purple back in July 2010:

Summing it up I can’t say that I think the new background colour makes a big difference.

2 Responses to “*Google Changes Background Colour Of Top-Ads After 7 Month Back To Yellow”

  1. 1 Bill 01/04/2011 at 22:31

    1. I don’t think this was published 7 months in the future (“Published 11/02/2011”)
    2. For those of us who are moderately red/green colorblind, there _IS_ a _BIG_ difference: on a laptop I cannot glance at a search result page from the last several months and know which are sponsored results (ads): I have to lean forward, tilt my head, adjust the screen angle, touch my nose to the screen (well, <9")…. There might as well be no diffentiation at all when I view the results from my normal working position.

  1. 1 Google Instant Preview for Ads: Will your Website’s Background Colour Be More Important Than Your Ad-Text? « Austrotrabant's Blog Trackback on 03/05/2011 at 09:10

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