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*Instant Preview Now Enabled -Almost- By Default

Google Layout 1997Most users will have noticed that Google’s search engine results page recently received a decent overhaul. One of the many things that has changed is the Instant Preview Function. This function allows users t ‘preview’ the website of a search result or an linked-to ad. Preview has been available for search results (‘Google Preview‘) since October 2010 and for ads (‘Instant Preview for Ads‘) since April 2011. Continue reading ‘*Instant Preview Now Enabled -Almost- By Default’


*Design, Labelling And Positioning Of AdWords Not Affected by New Google Layout

The fact that Google ponders about “updating” its layout is not overly surprising. During the last couple of years the Google’s designers have constantly tried to include new functions such as the wonder-wheel, etc. into the existing layout without altering the existing and well know design fundamentally.

Or as Danny Sullivan on search engine land has put it:

“…Indeed, it has felt a bit confusing with Google lately. When I wrote my Up Close With Google Search Options story in October, after new search option features were introduced, I detailed a number of inconsistencies in how they operate.

I haven’t yet finished another piece about a growing gripe I have, inconsistency in how Google enhances search listings with sitelinks. I never know where to expect them now. They can appear in in any position, within snippets, on a single line and in even more ways. It’s been making my head hurt.”

However the issue that interests me is the display/labelling of the ads and they seem to have stayed pretty much the same. The only difference I could spot was that the yellow bar behind the Top-Ads seems to be a tiny bit brighter than before.

To try out the new layout yourself please follow the instructions >>here<<.

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